inspired by the Compaq Portable

which was “inspired” by the IBM Portable


So I was watching The 8-Bit Guy on Youtube (btw great channel for vintage computer restoration) when I saw the video about the Compaq Portable. I think it’s a pretty neat computer so I googled a bit to see if maybe there’s a second hand available near I live. Unfortunately it’s a quite rare pc, the only ones I found were on eBay…
Since I’m currently on a Raspberry Pi hype, why not making a redesigned Compaq Portable with a Raspberry Pi… Nothing extremely special but I think that could be fun.

To be honest calling this project PI Portable is pretty silly, all it does is making the Raspberry Pi less portable 🙂

3D Design

Before doing the case and buying the parts, I thought it would be good to firstly make a 3D Object of the case. Just to be sure how it should look like.

As the CAD-software I use DesignSpark Mechanical. It’s free to use 3D CAD software, from the distributor RS-Components. It’s a good program, but sometimes there are performance issues, which makes the program pretty laggy. Nonetheless it’s a pretty simple and easy to learn CAD which is free, so I shouldn’t complain.

So here a few screenshots of the PI Portable:

PI Portable
Frontpanel viewed from the back
PI Portable closed
Storage for cables etc. and right speaker
Back of the PI Portable
Few slits for ventilation and left speaker